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Estate Slide E-SL 450 Classic Single Slide Gate Operator
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The Estate E-SL 450 Classic Sliding Gate Operator is a rack and pinion single slide gate opener meant for residential use only.

  • Gate Materials: Wood, Light Steel, Aluminum, Chain Link.
  • Weight and length: Up to 16' in length and 450 lbs
  • Power: 24V DC


The Estate Slide E-SL 450 Classic Sliding Gate Operator is a rack and pinion single slide gate opener meant for residential use only. It should be used on driveway gates in single home residential settings constructed of aluminum, light steel, wood, or chain link. It uses 24V DC power, making it safe for end user installation and maintenance. Featuring a large motor and small housing the Estate Slide E-SL 450 Classic Sliding Gate Operator is perfect for discrete residential installation without giving up any power.

The Estate Slide E-SL 450 is a battery operated DIY slide gate opener. What does this mean to you? These gate openers run directly off the provided back up battery. The advantage of this is two-fold: one, you can have the charging transformer located far away because line voltage loss will just result in a slower charge of the battery - not any loss of performance; two, during times of power outages the unit will keep running the same as it always does, it doesn't need to witch to a back up system. With the Estate Slide E-SL 450 Classic Sliding Gate Operator, the charging power comes from the 24V transformer plugged into a standard outlet eliminating the need for an electrician.

The opener features magnetic limit switching. The track has a magnet to trigger the closed stopping point of the gate and learns the open point, providing an easy to install and reliable method of ending your gate's travel. Mechanical limits can break or wear out over time, the magnet system has no contact so there is nothing to wear down, just reliable stopping every time.

It also offers one touch EZ programming so your gate opener can be programmed by pressing one button. The control board is built to be inherently intelligent and learns the opening and closing times automatically. There are no manual adjustments on the opener need to be made!

The Estate Slide E-SL 450 is compatible with Estate Swing Double Range Remotes. These remotes are 418 MHz with rolling code and works consistently at a 200 foot range. The rolling code offers an encrypted radio frequency transmission that is secure because it generates a new code with each use - never repeating the old code. The Estate Swing Double Range Remotes are exclusively compatible with the Estate Swing Slide 450 model due to its matching built-in receiver. Additionally, the remote has a pedestrian button that opens the gate to a 3 foot gap - the perfect amount of space to allow a person to walk through. The Estate Swing Double Range Remote has 4 buttons, so if you have two Estate Slide E-SL 450 gates on your property - you'll be able to control both gates (with the pedestrian feature) with one transmitter. This combination of units is perfect because you'll have optimal access and the safety features you seek.

Note: accessories such as keypads or intercoms must be wired in.

  • One Touch Programming
  • Estate Swing Double Range Remotes (with 200 ft. range)
  • Built in Control Board
  • Terminals for entry/exiting accessories and safety devices
  • Auto-closing can be turned on or off, time delay is adjustable
  • 24V Battery included
  • 24VAC Transformer
  • Built in Receiver
  • Limit Magnet (normally closed position)
  • Legendary Reliability
  • High Carbon Steel gears and bearings
  • Automatic Entrapment/Obstruction Sensor
  • Locked Manual Release
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