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Estate Swing Wireless Cellular GSM Telephone Intercom (EST-1000)
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Gate Opener Accessory Compatibilities

The Estate Swing Cell Phone Access Receiver is compatible with:

  • GTO/PRO: SW2000, SW2002, SW2500, SW2502, SW3000, SW3002, SW4000, SW4002, GPSW100*, GPSW102*, SL1000, SL1002, SL2000, SL2002, GPSL100*, GPSL102*, old Pro 1000/1002 & 2000/2002 (*When purchased from Gate Crafters)
  • Mighty Mule: FM 200, FM350, FM352, FM500, FM502, old FM700 & FM702
  • Estate Swing: E-S 300*, E-S 302*, E-S 500*, E-S 502*, E-S 1100*, E-S 1102*, E-S 1600*, E-S 1602*, E-SC 1600*, E-SC 1602*, E-SU 2200*, E-SU 2202*, E-SL 1200*, E-SL 1800*, E-SL 2000AC* (*When purchased from Gate Crafters)
  • Apollo: 1500*, 1600*, 1550*, 1650*, 3500*, 3600*, 7000UL*, BA-12* (*When purchased from Gate Crafters)
  • Zareba: G550, G552, G550, G552, G750, G752
  • Other: All other gate openers and garage door openers

Gate Opener Accessory Uses

The Estate Swing Unlimited Range Wireless Cellular GSM Intercom is the ultimate in versatility and convenience for remote operation of any gate opener. The range of this receiver is truly unlimited, so long as there is a cell tower available to receive and transmit the call. This is particularly beneficial in areas that have a great deal of interference for traditional radio transmitters and receivers, or for users who wish to open the gate from extended distances (such as from a home, cell phone, or even another state!). Additionally, since it's a wireless communication system, it is needless to run to a phone line or wires to the house. The process of running wires can be time-consuming, complicated and expensive. The Estate Swing Cell Phone Access Receiver allows the user to avoid all that while providing a simple, secure, and convenient means of operating the gate opener.

It works this way. Purchase a GSM SIM card* (AT&T or T-Mobile) and a cell number. Customers can purchase pay-as-you-go cell numbers (disposable phones for example) or add another line to the current cellular plan. The intercom will then receive commands from authorized users via cell signal and also place outgoing intercom calls to the administrators through cell signals. The intercom system rarely uses the cell service. The only time minutes are used is when a guest is at the gate talking to a person to let them in; the other features don't actually answer the calls - they utilize caller ID to allow access.

This intercom totally eliminates the necessity of purchasing or carrying extra remotes because it provides access to the gate opener through an item most people already carry - a cell phone. Simply dial the intercom number and, through caller ID, the intercom will recognize the programmed number(s) and open the gate. This is more secure than traditional remotes because the number has to be programmed into the receiver to operate it, so there is less of a chance that unauthorized persons will be able to operate the gate. Additional security can be provided by the password protected mode; when the intercom picks up the call, the user must enter the programmed password.

It's convenient for homeowners because each member of the family, plus friends, extended family, and others, can operate the receiver easily and conveniently. Similarly, the intercom function permits homeowners to allow entry for personnel requiring access to the property, even when the homeowner is not home. When the intercom button is pressed, the intercom dials one of three programmed administrator numbers; if the first attempt is unsuccessful, it will try each of the other administrator numbers. When the call is received, the administrator can talk to the person at the gate and press a few keys to allow entry to the property. This is an excellent feature for deliveries since the homeowner can allow entry even when s/he is not home.

This accessory also has a number of convenient functions for ease of operation and enhanced reliability. The intercom runs off a battery backup in the case of a power failure, and it has an alarm to indicate when the battery has been engaged due to power failure. Moreover, users can program the intercom to text administrator numbers for updates, including power failures. Users can program extended delay opening/closing functions for larger vehicles (such as those with trailers), as well as a party mode. The party mode engages the gate in an open position until an administrator sends a text to close the gate. All programming can be done by phone and text message for the most convenient operation possible.

* The GSM Intercom has to be used with a GSM SIM card. To our knowledge only AT&T and T-Mobile use this platform in the US.

Gate Opener Accessory Features

  • Unlimited Range The Estate Swing GSM intercom comes with a reception box that a guest can call the resident from. The call button on the box, when pressed, directs the system to dial the phone number of first administrator. If there is no answer the system will proceed to call the second and then third administrator numbers (if second and/or third administrators exist). This call is completely wireless through a cellular signal, no wires are needed to an existing phone line or house.
  • Administrator Controls - As an administrator (3 total allowed) you have many opening options for your gate.
    • When you receive a call from a visitor you can open your gate from your phone.
    • When entering the property yourself you can open the gate through a phone call to the gate or an SMS text message to the gate.
    • The Estate Swing GSM intercom can be programmed by an administrator from their phone through a call or text message. You can do this from any location. The system will return conformation of successful programming through an audible confirmation by phone or a text conformation if programmed by text message.
    • When entering the gate, if you wish to hold the gate open longer than its normal pause time, for long trailers or trucks for example, you text a 1 time longer delay and after the one opening it will go back to normal operation automatically.
    • If you want to leave the gate open, you can enter party mode and text the gate to stay open until it is texted again to close it.
  • Programmable Caller ID - No more remotes needed - The intercom permits access through caller ID; up to 1000 different numbers can be programmed into the intercom's caller ID. Users simply call the intercom's number (determined by the SIM card; not included) and it opens upon recognition of the number. In automatic mode, the intercom does not pick up the call, so no minutes are used. One method is that users purchase a go-phone or track phone with a SIM card so the SIM card has a number attached to it; users may also add an extra line to their current cell phone service and use a SIM card for the extra line.
  • Programmable Password Mode - The intercom can be programmed to require callers to enter a password before it will engage the gate to open; after three attempts, it will terminate the call.
  • Special Opening Modes - Administrators can program the gate with an extended delayed opening, or they can engage a party mode that leaves the gate open until a text message is sent to close the gate.
  • Visual Diagnostic Screen Plug-in - The Estate Swing GSM intercom comes with a diagnostic screen you can plug into the control board to see battery charge, signal strength and see visual confirmations of programming being performed.
  • Battery Backup - The Estate Swing GSM intercom comes with a built in battery backup. In the event of a loss of incoming power the system will automatically switch to battery backup. The administrators can also have an option turned on to be notified through text message of the system switching to battery back up so they can address the lack of incoming power issue. The back up battery will last approximately 8 hours.

QB ID: EST-1000

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