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Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings- Type B (post-1968)

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Oscar Schmidt Autoharp Strings- Type B

Quality strings for a great price. Strings for Autoharps made Post-1968. B style strings with ball endings. Set of 36 strings.

Strings are individually wrapped and labeled for your convenience.

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There are 2 different types of Autoharp strings. Type A model strings are used on 73 models and older models that were made pre 1967. These strings have a loop end that slips over pins in the side of the Autoharp down by the bridge. The pins are covered with a plastic cover to prevent them from snagging on clothing. Type B model strings are the most common. They have a ball ending with a small hole in the ball. These are used on Autoharps with the bridge that is set in the body and Autoharps with Fine Tuning Systems. New 73 models come with strings with a large-hole ball ending. Replacement strings have loop endings.


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