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VisiGuard Self-Closing/Latching Pool Fence Child Safety Gate - Black 4' Tall
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Due to a high demand season, we request that you please call to check on stock status of pool gates prior to placing an order. Thanks!

This Sentry Safety VisiGuard Gate is both convenient and safe. Adults can access the pool area at any time, while kids need proper assistance for entry. The multi-step magn-latch entry, while easy for adults, requires a person of a certain height and coordination. The tru-close function enables the gate to close behind and latch.

To order, select the border/pole color and desired height from the drop down menu above to match your VisiGuard pool fence. The black mesh will be the same high quality as the VisiGuard pool fence

The benefits of our gate system are:

  • Patented magnetic self-latching - No mechanical jamming during closure
  • Exceeds international barrier/safety code - Unprecedented reliability and safety
  • Quality material: powder coated aluminum, PVC and stainless steel
  • Key Lockable - Added safety and peace of mind
  • Lifetime warranty on all components
  • Engineered for easy Do-It-Yourself installation
  • Adjustable latching and hinges - easy maintained latching
  • Opens to 180 degrees
  • Fully removable - same sturdy yet removable stainless steel rod design as VisiGuard Pool Fence
  • Internal hinges on the gate - no rust, binding, sagging, staining, pinch points, or unsightliness
  • Left or right hand hinging - set up with easy-mount flat plates welded to trusses for easy mounting of hinges and latch


  • Gate Frame - Color matched to the fence you are purchasing
  • 2 Gate Trusses - Color matched to the fence you are purchasing
  • Black Magna Latch / Tru-Close system with mounting hardware
  • 4 deck sleeves with caps for trusses
  • 2 hook & eyes for connecting to fence

    The walkway width of the gate measures 28.5 inches. The gate must be mounted on concrete; the self closing action creates too much repeated pressure for stability in dirt spikes.

    Magna Latch Tru Close

    Quality Material:
    The outside layer of the VisiGuard Gate is durable baked-on TGIC powder coat finish aluminum, followed by a PVC insert spanning approximately halfway up the pole, and finished with a stainless steel rod that goes in the ground.

    VisiGuard is the new standard in safety. The stainless steel rods contained inside each pole is what makes VisiGuard Gate stand out from competitors. Unlike traditional aluminum poles, which can break after time or constant usage, stainless steel can be bent and straightened hundreds of times without worry about breakage. Also because of the stainless steel rods, the resulting drilled holes are smaller. When the gate is up, the holes are not visible giving a clean installed appearance. When the gate is down the holes can be capped (caps are included with your purchase).

    QB ID: ZS003-DIYGate