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Estate Swing Wireless Color Video Intercom System
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The Estate Swing Wireless Color Video Intercom System offers much sought after security features combined with the convenience of simple touch access and intuitive ease of use. The complete kit is comprised of the interior intercom base station, and the weatherproof outdoor gate station along with their respective power supplies. Backed by Estate Swing, the brand known for DIY installation products, this color video intercom system can easily be installed by the end user. Plus, it does not require wire from the gate to the interior base station. With adjustable voice volume, image brightness settings and a selection of 16 ringtones, the intercom system can be customized to fit your household or small business needs.

Now, you can monitor and communicate with guests, while having gate access control at the touch of a finger. The 3.5 inch TFT monitor with color video even allows for still pictures. Night vision brings an added sense of security and the base station offers portability, so that you can bring from room to room. With up to a 300 foot range using 2.4 GHz frequency (a frequency commonly used for portable house phones) your intercom system will help you monitor your gate and entryway putting the control back in your hand with the touch of a button.

Working environment: 5 ºF - 131 ºF
Working humidity: greater than 85%

Intercom Base Station

Portable! Works within general vicinity within 300 feet of outside station.
3.5 inch TFT monitor
Color video & picture viewing
Snap picture (holds up to 100 photos)
16 ringtones to select
Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery included
Charging capabilities: provided 5.5 volt transformer (USB connection point option included)
Date and time display
Picture brightness and talk volume are adjustable

Outside Station

Night vision camera
Receives signal from indoor until and opens the gate from residence
Up to 300 foot range using 2.4 GHz frequency
Wired to gate opener and runs off of provided transformer

QB ID: ESV-300

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