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Estate Swing Gate Opener Remote Transmitter
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The Estate Swing gate opener remote control is a standard for gate automation. It is primarily used to activate your gate opener from your car. You could also carry it with you on walks or to check the mail or mount one inside the house to open the gate from an inside location (when within range & in site of gate to be sure all obstacles are cleared). On all gate openers this is compatible for, there is no limit to the number of remotes you can use. 12 volt power, slim design.

  • Visor Clip: Comes with a clip to put your remote on your car sun visor. Or use it to mount it on a wall in the house.
  • Strong Range: The remote has a range of approximately 100'. This can be affected by surrounding conditions. It works on radio frequency so line of site is not necessary but helps.
  • Dip Switch Programming: Adding additional remotes is simple. There are 9 dip switches under the battery cover. Once you have one remote set up and working with your gate oepner system, simply match all the other remotes or new remotes to match the dip switch settings of the original remote and they will be coordinated.
  • Size: At 1/2" x 3" x 1 5/8" and just 1 oz. you could easily carry it with you on a walk, bike ride, or any other non-automotive activity.

QB ID: ES741

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