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Sentry E. Labs Switched Lever Handle Series (Right or Left Handed) - R (Right-handed)
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This is a Sentry E. Labs switched security door handle for commercial, panic exit, and security exit doors.

This Switched Lever Handle is a secure and versatile accessory. The advanced design makes this handle a secure accessory for any door - it is built with N/C (normally closed) and N/O (normally open) contacts for compatibility with many security options, such as keypads, card readers, electromagnetic locks, and electronic exit bars. This model is also versatile because it is available in left-handed (L) or right-handed (R) options so that it can accommodate the design of any door.

We offer a comprehensive product range to control the movement of entry/exit point doors. It is essential for building owners to be able to strike a balance between opening security, safety and durability at a cost that meets business objectives. Our products are designed to meet the most common installation and application requirements in the commercial marketplace so that these products exceed the needs of customers who value reliable door control products, excellent service, and prompt delivery.


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