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2000 Series Panic Exit Device by Sentry Safety - Red
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This is a right handed or left handed single door UL listed press type panic emergency exit bar.

The 2000 Series of panic exit bars is durable and reliable. This model is perfect for medium to high usage areas, making it suitable for warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, or any other public building. In addition, the design of the mechanism makes this model the recommended panic exit bar for doors with glass inserts.

The 2000 Series by Sentry Safety gives the consumer a number of installation options. This model can be installed on either right-handed or left-handed doors. It is not necessary to select an option for right-handed or left-handed use; the bar comes ready to use for either type of door. Similarly, this panic exit bar is available in either red or stainless steel. Simply choose the appropriate option from the dropdown. Only the bar is available in color; the base and vertical rod are both black. Finally, while the bar is only available with a length of 38", the customer can trim the bar down to the desired size.

*Dogging - a feature that locks the bar in a depressed position so that the door can be opened from either side, and eliminates the necessity of engaging the internal mechanisms. Allen Key dogging is engaged with an allen wrench, while knob dogging is engaged by a knob built into the bar.
*Semi-length - the push/press part of the bar only extends for part of the full length of the bar.
*Full-length - the push/press part of the bar is the full length of the bar.
*ANSI/BHMA Grade Standards - the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to determine criteria for the performance and safety of certain products, such as panic exit devices.
*Mag Lock - an electromagnetic locking device.
*Strike - the component of the panic bar that goes on the door jamb; the locking mechanism engages this part to shut the door.
*Single Door Application - the bar is designed for a single door set up; however, most bars are compatible with the appropriate dual door model so that one door will have a panic exit bar with vertical rods, and the other will be a panic exit bar for single door applications.

SentrySafetyHardware is the premiere brand for panic crash bars, door closers and electronic entrance accessories. Our wide selection of tested and certified panic crash bars have been installed in hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and world. Certification helps business owners obtain a positive fire inspection report but equally as important: these certificates also convey the vigorous testing each of our models have been put through. Additionally, Sentry E. Labs accessories: exit buttons, strikes and locks are fully compatible with Sentry panic crash bars and door closers. When installing an exit system using our product line, you can take comfort in knowing that SentrySafetyHardware and Sentry Electronics Labs products will uphold the quality safety standards set forth by our founders.

QB ID: DT-1700B (Red)