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  • Electromagnetic door holder
  • Holds the door in the open position and releases the door to close by switch or alarm

  • Sentry E. Labs Electromagnetic Door Holder with Emergency Release

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    Door holders are idle for fire and smoke break doors. Typically these doors are equipped with fire rated door closers and fire-rated panic bars. Fire-rated panic bars are not allowed to be outfitted with dogging devices. However, many times the doors are typically left open unless there is a fire, then they should automatically go shut. The Sentry E. Labs electromagnetic door holder can be closed through a Normally Open or Normally Closed signal from an alarm system. It also comes equipped with a manual override button on the magnet that will manually disrupt power to the lock and allow the door to close.

    • Fail safe: When loss of power occurs the lock will release allowing the door closer to shut the door.
    • 24VDC power: Works off 24VDC power, less than .1 Amps
    • Electromagnetic dimensions: 4.5 inches x 3.15 inches x 2 inches in depth
    • Uses include: School door shutting for emergency lock down, fire break door shutting, business hour door holding
    • Shock and pivot mount: Door mount steel plate can pivot and has a shock system to absorb impact from door slamming.
    • Surface mount installation
    • 25 lbs of holding force

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