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Deck 'n Go Composite Wood Decking Tiles - BROWN
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Composite Brown Decking Tiles
This classic brown composite wood creates a visual sense of warmth to your outdoor environment. With rich sienna like coloring, this brown pigment color will fit universally with most decking furniture and natural brick exterior walls. If you’re looking for a deep lasting grain the brown composite wood patio deck tiles will make the impact you are looking for all season long.

Composite Gray Decking Tiles Characteristics
Deck ‘n Go composite patio deck tiles are made of recycled materials composed of a wood fiber and polyethylene plastic blend. This balanced mixture was designed to emulate wood but offers a product that requires no painting, staining or sealing. Therefore, the composite deck tile provides the appearance of wood with a natural grain pattern but it’s virtually maintenance-free. As an added benefit and feature, Deck ‘n Go composite patio deck tiles are eco-friendly because of the recycled materials used. .

These beautiful exterior decking tiles are a perfect alternative to traditional wood materials offering the look you seek along with sustainability benefits finished off with a cost-effective solution. Deck ‘n Go, a premier decking brand is proud to offer a five year warranty for its entire composite patio deck tile product line.

Deck ‘n Go Brand
These Deck ‘n Go tiles are ideal for uncomplicated and hassle-free installation of exterior entryway or patio decking. The tiles easily snap together, and because of the geometric design, it's effortless to create a beautiful outdoor leisure area. Each tile is 1 inch high from the ground and 1 foot square, with four slats. Since these are composite wood tiles they will not fade, be eaten by termites or need refinishing. A simple hose down is all they need to be cleaned. If tiles get nicked they will be same color on top as they are on inside. Deck ‘n Go tiles are totally customizable. If necessary, it is possible to cut the interlocking tiles to a smaller size, or unique shape to conform to the design of each individual deck or patio.