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WDB Distributing carefully selects products that fill a void in the market. Yet, acquiring a new product line is a project unto itself that involves multiple steps of research, testing and strategic marketing meetings. It all begins with the desire to bring forth unique product lines with enduring potential.

Quality & ISO 9000
ISOOnce a need is clearly defined, we set out to find quality merchandise. One of the key factors we look for is the ISO 9000 certification. This certification is obtained by following a defined set of management standards defined by the International Organization for Standardization. As an industry leader, we hold our suppliers to these high standards and more for optimal quality assurance. In fact, dedication to quality is reflected in our factory visits conducted by a world wide network of purchasing representatives. This personal touch truly makes all the difference as we seek to foster positive business relationships with our suppliers that will endure for years.

Research & Testing
As mentioned, for WDB Distributing quality is key. In an effort to provide our exclusive line of resellers (and the end user) optimal quality items, we carefully research the product line and sample items for in-use performance. Following such product sampling is an extensive period of test sales. Test sales help the WDB Distributing marketing team determine branding potential, price points and a pathway to full distribution. All of this research, testing, and marketing can be costly but it is through such parameters that we uphold our final select product lines with such worthy distinction.

Quest for Expansion
Since customer need occurs in various specialized market segments, we branch out when necessary to fill market voids. WDB Distributing takes educated risks when investing in new product lines. We are open to learning about specialized quality items for future selling potential; even if they don¡¯t fit within any our current product lines.

On some occasions established manufacturers seek out our dynamic distribution network. Many times this is because the challenge of both manufacturing and distributing can unfavorably impact profitability. WDB Distributing has a clear process in place for introducing (or reintroducing) new product lines into the market. We are established leaders that are continuously present at trade shows, business functions and have maintained long term ties with various manufacturers throughout the U.S. and world.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how to become one of our elite, dedicated, and dependable suppliers.